Role Playing Games

Through paper, pens, dice and some imagination, children get the chance to slay dragons, cast spells, use the force and become a hero.

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These are not computer games; campers work together in small groups led by a game master with an emphasis on creativity, teamwork and storytelling. Our games include Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Magic: the Gathering and many others from the realms of fantasy, science fiction, horror and heroic adventure.

For more technically oriented kids, we also offer a comprehensive rocketry program, with resources to build flying models that range from a few inches tall, traveling a hundred feet in the air up to massive seven foot rockets and heights measured in thousands of feet.

Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Magic: the Gathering, Rocketry, LARP (beginner, advanced)

Try it out in 3D!

Epic LARP Battle! Wear your 3D glasses! More 3D videos and free 3D glasses here...

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