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The Skate Park is an ever-growing concrete garden blooming with the kids' imaginations, energy, and flexibility.

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Skateboarding and rollerblading are activities that city, country, and suburban kids want year-round. We put the extra spin in their wheels with a fabulously equipped Skate Park containing: a half-pipe, several quarter-pipes, grind rails, and fun boxes, a bank-to-wall, a pyramid, and more. We mean "and more."

Mountain biking is medicine for body and soul, with the dose up to you. We stock 25-mile Iron-Person treks and short, gentle excursions. Don full regulation safety equipment and get behind the handlebars of one of our many mountain bikes. We are always proud of and grateful for our location, but never more than during this activity which (matched only by Nature Hiking), showcases the stirring, leafy, abundant beauty of the Pocono Mountains in summer.

Professional Skate Park, Off-road BMX Track, Rollerblade, Mountain Bikes, Mountain Board

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