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ILC Digital Arts offers a plugged-in oasis in the thick of the Pocono Mountains forest. We offer a high-tech education that challenges everyone from newbies to pros in areas as diverse as movimemaking, ILC TV, computer programming, electronic music, digital photography, publishing, cartooning, video editing and gaming.

As a meeting place for campers with diverse interests, the Digital Arts building plays host to everything from quiet reading on the dock to tutoring to winner-takes-all LAN parties. The department is proud of its tradition as a decidedly off-the-mainstream part of the ILC universe, with a vibe and a pace all its own.

Moviemaking, ILC TV, Digital Photography, Minecraft, Computer Programming, Radio, Video Editing/FX, Electronic Music, Gaming, Publishing, Journalism, Newspaper

ILC Movies

Watch some of our best movies created by our campers! For more movies and clips visit our official YouTube channel!

Wild Decay (2013)

Premonition (2013)

Max and Jared's Hot Tub (2013)

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Lord of the Pepsi (2012)

French Movie (2012)


ILC TV clips represent a wide variety: music videos, pranks, skits, short movies, dance videos, documentary videos, comedies, commercials, spoofs, camper/public service announcements, satires and many more...Clips are shown to the entire camp during mealtimes, usually clips are produced on the same day!

Enjoy the following selections of ILC TV clips created by our campers!

Bagel Gang

Grab Prank

The Library Goblin


Horror Movie


Design your own Skateboard


Tri Team Ad

Cow Farms


The Lake

Prime Hoppers

Jake the Zombie

Love Letter Day

Power Plunge Girls

Trick Shots

The Peter Challenge