Suggested packing list

ILC is an active, casual camp. Campers tend to dress comfortably and prepared for lots of physical activity and for a variety of temperatures and weather.  ILC rests in the Pocono Mountains at 2,500 feet elevation. We have amazing summer weather and clean mountain air. There is very limited humidity, beautiful sunny days and cool nights, perfect for sleeping.

Please keep in mind while you are packing that average summer daytime temperatures range from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit and night-time temperatures can range from 55-70 degrees. Also, be prepared for many different temperature and weather changes throughout the day and session.

Laundry is done once a week at ILC in commercial washer and dryers. It is picked up one day and will be returned the next day. Please provide approximately 10 days worth of clothing. Do not bring delicate clothing.

Luggage is transported to camp with your child. Please use only duffel bags or soft suitcases. All clothing, shoes, linens, equipment, electronics, instruments and cords etc. should be labeled with the camper’s name. 

Use this check-off list as a guide. Adjustments should be made to provide for your child’s individual interests and needs.

 Downloadable/Printable Packing List


Item Quantity
Shirts (short sleeve) 7
Shirts (long sleeve) 3
Long pants/jeans 3
Sweat pants/legging 3
Athletic Shorts 5
Other shorts 3-5
Swimsuits 3
Sweatshirts 3
Jacket/Fleece 1
Rain jacket or poncho 1
Warm PJ’s 3-4
Bathrobe 1
Socks 12
Underwear 12
Sports Bras 3-5
Bras 3-5
Bathrobe 1
Sneakers 2
Waterproof Shoes 1
Sandals 1
Flip Flops 1


Item Quantity
Shampoo/conditioner 1
Toothbrush, floss and toothpaste 1-2
Shower gel or soap with container 1-2
Sunscreen 1-2
Bug Spray 1-2
Deodorant 1-2
Hair brush and hair bands 1
Toiletry caddy 1
Laundry bag 1
Bed sheets for single bed 2
Warm blankets 2
Pillow with pillow case 1
Bath towels 2-3
Beach towels 2-3
Washcloths 2
Sleeping bag (optional) 1


Item Quantity
Hats/caps/visors 1
Sunglasses 1
Water bottle 2
Drawstring backpack or bag 1
Watch 1
Flashlight or reading light 1
Book/reading material  
Letter writing materials  
Cotton tights for circus  

Athletic equipment**

(tennis racket, cleats, skateboard/roller blades, boots with heel for horseback)


** we have plenty of athletic equipment to use at camp, but you may bring your own if you prefer.  ILC is not responsible for anything lost, stolen or damaged.