• Independent Lake Camp Circus
  • Independent Lake Camp Circus
  • Independent Lake Camp Circus
  • Independent Lake Camp Circus
  • Independent Lake Camp Circus
  • Independent Lake Camp Circus

Circus and Flying Trapeze

Circus is the jewel in our shiny crown

ILC’s Circus Program is the best because it is…

  1. A place of fun for everyone, where no one is turned away.
  2. Just the right size; not too big (no one gets lost), not too small.
  3. Variety of levels (beginner to advanced.)
  4. Taught by multi-talented staff members that have passed a structured training program.
  5. Constantly changing to fit the wants and needs of the kids.
  6. Progress-oriented, skills are taught in a progression.
  7. Run by two long-time ILC members: one, a renowned flying trapeze artist, teacher, and certified rigger; the other, a certified camp safety director.
  8. SAFETY is our number 1 concern.
  9. Highest quality Facilities and Equipment.
  10. Unlike any other children’s camp program, we encourage our campers to reach their greatest potential.
  11. An alternative type of physical education that also teaches teamwork and communication.
  12. Life-changing and invaluable for both kids and staff members.
  13. A great place for kids with stage fright to have their first performing experience and boost their self-confidence.
  14. Supplemented by our amazing one-week circus elite program for circus-enthusiasts.
  15. Structured ,but we never forget the crazy, zany fun that embodies circus.
  16. A crowd-favorite, our performances amaze parents every year.
  17. Supportive of all three learning domains: cognitive (learning tricks), affective (goal-setting, perseverance, helping others), and psychomotor (timing, hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills.)
  18. Full of laughter.

Some call us nuts, but we just love what we do and have fun doing it. Come join us!

Watch a Video!

Here's what you can do

You Can at ILC!

  • Flying Trapeze
  • Spanish Web
  • Unicycle
  • Clowning
  • Human Pyramid
  • Juggling
  • Rolling Globe
  • Bike Act
  • Tight Rope
  • Cloud Swing
  • Ringmaster
  • Step Right Up!